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  • Organic and also Conventional Honey packaged in 200 litre food grade drums.
  • Organic Honey packaged according to individual customer requirements.
  • Organic Beeswax.
  • Honeycomb.
  • Raw Propolis.
  • Queen Bees in bulk.
  • Beehives.
  • Nucleus Hives.
  • Organic Supplementary Bee Feed.
  • Beekeeping equipment as below: -
    Truck Net, Bee Veil, Smoker, Safety Smoker Box, Miller Cages.
  • Beekeeping Consultancy.
  • Environmental Management Consultancy.

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    International inquiries: -
    ph: +61-7-4697-3222
    fax: +61-7-4697-3522

    From within Australia: -
    Ken Olley's Mobile no: 0427 876 875
    Shirley C. Olley's Mobile no: 0418 876 875

    Office ph: 07 4697 3222
    Office fax: 07 4697 3522

    Shirley and Ken Olley
      Shirley and Ken Olley

    Olleys Organic Honey  

    Shirley Olley Is the scientific power-house within Olley's Organic Honey.

    Apart from having qualifications in medical technology and public health, Shirley is a Bachelor of Environmental Science; Master of Environmental Management; Organic Production Auditing (Australian Certified Organic); and Certified Environmental Practioner (Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand).

    Shirley applies her skills to the benefit of customers in all the following areas:

    · Environmental problem solving - planning, processes and law based on sustainable development;
    · Organic food production, food safety and compliance pre and post certification;
    · Preparation of environmental management plans, food and environmental safety reports, manuals & templates, impact assessments;
    · Natural resource management;
    · Environmental Research.

    About us - a brief history of the Olley's operation

    Olley's Honey was established in 1956 in Oxley, Queensland under the sole proprietorship of Ken Olley.

    The business currently runs 3000 - 4000 bee colonies and 10,000 nucleus hives and is the largest such operation in Queensland.

    Formerly a major supplier to and shareholder of an Australian honey packer, Olley's is now an exporter in its own right.

    Proprietor Ken Olley can be considered a Father of Modern Beekeeping. He has made tremendous achievements in the industry, including the following:

    • Invention of the Split Boom Loader in 1960 (won several awards during the APIMONDIA held in Adelaide)
    • Invention of the "uncapping machine" using a chain over system with horizontal bars in 1965
    • Pioneered the use of palletised beehives in 1975
    • Invention of "special supplementary feed" in 1980
    • Invention of the ultra-light "Olley Beenet" to cover the trucks during bee migration
    • Design of the the light and less cumbersome "Olley Bee Veil"
    • Invention of "Olley Smoker Safety Box" during the millennium
    • In the year 2002, Ken was one of the 10 finalists of "Queensland's Regional Achievement Award"
    • Recipient of "Clifton's Achiever" of the Year in 2003
    • Currently working on tackling the debilitating bee disease, Nosema apis.
    hives in Australian bush

    Honey Producers of Australia P/L (Olley's Honey Exporters)
    84 Logan Road, Clifton, Queensland, AUSTRALIA 4361